Our Story

Based in Deptford, New Jersey, USA

When I walked into my first class at crossfit I've felt this energy that was contagious, and couldn't resist to notice how happy, healthy and strong everyone was around me. Then it came to my attention that I needed to bridge the gap between my performance in the gym and the clothes I was wearing. BOOM!!! That's when it hit me and I thought of the name Vigorous ApparelI started this company with intentions to create a unique brand of active wear that can be worn in the gym and outside the gym. Fashion has always been something I've been passionate about. The brand Vigorous Apparel was established in May of 2016. This company has grown into something very special to me. I created this brand to make an impact in the active wear industry. Vigorous Apparel focuses on style, comfort and functional active wear. I would like to thank all of you that have followed the brand and helped this dream of mine come true!

The Goal Behind The Brand....

Your sense of fashion is one of the best ways to communicate and showcase who you are and where you are from. At Vigorous Apparel, we firmly believe that style and community always go hand in hand. It is something you don’t just put on, but something you use to express, share, and connect with people.

High quality clothing is for everyone and our team is more than inspired by the community to continue providing top of the line clothing that will change the face of active wear. We aim not for profit, but our ultimate purpose is to build a space where passion for style is shared and cultivated among the community. It is what drives us to continue our mission to provide the most stylist, comfortable, functional active wear there is.

Because Of You....

Vigorous Apparel firmly believe that style exists because of the community. They go hand in hand. Activewear is not just about some fancy clothing you put on. Activewear connects people together because it is where we can best represent and express ourselves, who we are, where we are from, and what we are passionate about. 

Our activewear business commenced and thrived because of our valued customers and the community we are in. Without them, Vigorous Apparel won’t be able to achieve our ultimate dream to provide top of the line activewear that will revolutionize the face of activewear. 

We dedicate our time and talent to communicate and showcase the community and profit is not our aim. Our purpose is to build a space where people can share their love for style, cultivate each other’s flair, and ultimately gather and connect people together.

Our entire team at Vigorous Apparel is more than inspired and driven to continue our mission to intricately, carefully, and meticulously craft apparel and activewear clothing designs with style, comfort, functionality, and human connection in mind.

Our community and our customers made us and it is our mission to give back to them by making high quality apparel that they can enjoy for all occasions. Thank you! 

- Johnny Guzman. CEO