At Vigorous Apparel, we believe that our active wear brings people together and know only too well that our business has thrived because of the community we are part of. We believe in giving back to the community and one way we recently did this was to host a food drive in Camden, NJ, as well as some parts of Philadelphia with other like-minded companies. Along with eight other businesses, Vigorous Apparel was able to contribute funds to purchase food and drink that helped feed over 350 homeless people in the area. Times are hard enough in the current climate but homelessness continues to be a huge issue and one we feel strongly about. To see small businesses coming together to help others in need has served to reinforce our sense of community and we feel privileged to be part of this one. Not for profit but for the care of the local community, each business generously contributed funds that provided hoagies, hot soup, chips, and water for over 350 mouths as well as the wonderful cooks who prepped and served the meals. To see how thankful the homeless people were at this food drive was truly humbling and we will continue to proactively help others in our community in the future.