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**PLEASE TYPE IN THE BOX NAME, along with your BOX'S PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS or VENMO HANDLE IN YOUR ORDER NOTES. This assures we know where, and the best way to send it to the box** If you would like your shirt cropped to bully button add to notes also** DISCOUNT CODES EXCLUDED! 

Many people, companies, small companies, and your local box even, have been affected by the terrible spread of COVID-19. Here's a cool chance to support your local box during these wild times with the purchase of this shirt. With each shirt sold, we'll donate 100% of the  profits directly to the box of YOUR choice! You heard that right! We want to help as much as you do.

All you need to do is leave the name of box you'd like us to donate to in your order notes and we'll take care of the rest.


*Due to the donation nature of this shirt, all sales on this shirt are final and not eligible for returns or exchanges*

**Donations will be sent to the gym owners main contact email from their website via PayPal payment either same day of order, or by Sunday of same week ordered**

***This shirt may or may not be on back order. Due to the nature of the availability of our printer employees, your other in-stock items might ship first, then this shirt will ship as soon as available, but rest assured, you'll get it as soon as possible during the current situation***

****If no gym/box name is left in your order notes for us to donate to, please note your donation will be supporting a local charity to help with the COVID-19 crisis****

*****We'll be donating all of the profits of each shirt sold to the specific box chosen by you. So it would be as if the box were making these themselves, selling them, and getting full profit from it. But without any work from the boxes end to make this happen, we're taking care of the hard part! 👊 - Thanks for your support!!*****

As always, this is printed on our standard super soft certified 100% cotton.